Strata Symphony Floor Plans

Choose from a variety of spacious studios or 1 & 2-bedroom luxury apartments in Allentown. At STRATA Symphony, you’ll find 71 luxury living spaces. Our community features a dozen two-story lofts with private rooftop decks and an elevated courtyard that offers views of the stunning ArtsWalk. For a closer look, view our 360° tours and photo gallery or schedule an in-person tour. Contact our leasing professionals for additional information. We're confident that you'll discover a floor plan that suits your needs at STRATA SYMPHONY.


Unit Type Bedrooms / Bathrooms SF ADA Balcony Floor Plans
ST.A-S Studio/1 Bath 579 SQ FT No No ST.A-S Floor Plan
ST.B-S Studio/1 Bath 777 SQ FT No No ST.B-S Floor Plan
1A-S 1 Bedroom/1 Bath 789 SQ FT Yes Full 1A-S Floor Plan
1B-S 1 Bedroom/1 Bath 764 SQ FT No No 1B-S Floor Plan
1C-S 1 Bedroom/1 Bath 816 SQ FT #487 No 1C-S Floor Plan
2A-S 2 Bedroom/2 Bath 1224 SQ FT #288 Full 2A-S Floor Plan
2B-S 2 Bedroom/2 Bath 1138 SQ FT No Full 2B-S Floor Plan
2C.1-S 2 Bedroom/2Bath 1226 SQ FT No Full 2C.1-S
2C.2-S 2 Bedroom/2 Bath 1087 SQ FT No No 2C.2-S Floor Plan
2C.3-S 2 Bedroom/2 Bath 1236 SQ FT No Full 2C.3-S Floor Plan
2C.3L-S 2 Bedroom/2 Bath 1729 SQ FT No Roof Terrace 2C.3L-S Floor Plan
2D.1-S 2 Bedroom/2 Bath 1051 SQ FT No Full 2D.1-S Floor Plan
2D.2-S 2 Bedroom/2 Bath 1251 SQ FT #378 Full 2D.2-S Floor Plan
1A.L-S 1 Bedroom + Loft/1 Bath 1030 SQ FT No Roof Terrace 1A.L-S Floor Plan
1B.L-S 1 Bedroom + Loft/1 Bath 996 SQ FT No Roof Terrace 1B.L-S Floor Plan
2B.L-S 2 Bedroom + Loft/2 Bath 1583 SQ FT No Roof Terrace 2B.L-S Floor Plan
2C.1.L-S 2 Bedroom + Loft/2 Bath 1610 SQ FT No Roof Terrace 2C.1.L-S Floor Plan
2C.2.L-S 2 Bedroom + Loft/2 Bath 1375 SQ FT no Roof Terrace 2C.2.L-S Floor Plan
2D.1.L-S 2 Bedroom + Loft/2 Bath 1412 SQ FT No Roof Terrace 2D.1.L-S Floor Plan
2D.2.L-S 2 Bedroom + Loft/2 Bath 1726 SQ FT No Roof Terrace 2D.2.L-S Floor Plan