Work From Home

Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office

Having a hard time transitioning to working from home? Check out these tips to help you get in a better routine. 

  • Create your home office space: It's tempting to make your bed your new office space, but try to pick a different spot in your apartment that will be a perfect set up. Make it routine to work in that space every day and make the area feel as close to your normal office space as possible. 
  • Have a routine: Routines are key to success! Get in the habit of making yourself breakfast every morning or meditating before work. 
  • Stay focused: It might seem like a good idea to turn on the TV while you work, but try to avoid it if you can! Create a quiet space for yourself if possible so you can focus. 
  • Get moving: Even though you're at home, it's still important to take a break! Every hour get up from your desk and stretch, walk around your apartment, or get yourself a drink of water.