Resident Spotlight: Rich Levy

STRATA Resident Q+A
Name: Rich Levy

1. Why make the Lehigh Valley home? For us, the Lehigh Valley became home do to a change in jobs.  The allure of the Lehigh Valley was the surrounding beauty, great park systems and yet a very cosmopolitan feel regarding restaurants and shopping. It also has the advantage of being 90 minutes away from 2 great cities, Philly and NYC.  We relocated from Morristown, NJ, 70 miles east of Lehigh Valley.

rich2.  How did you hear about Downtown Allentown/ Lehigh Valley? I spent 3 years as COO for Norris McLoughlin, a major law firm situated in NYC, NJ and Allentown.  As such, I spent a day a week here for the past 3 years.  Prior to this, I had clients I would visit in Bethlehem and Allentown.

3. How did you hear about STRATA? I witnessed several of the Strata buildings being built while at Norris.  However, it was LVHN HR the reminded me of Strata and the convenience and luxury that came with living here.

4. What made you choose STRATA? The location, luxury feel, amenities and office personnel and management sold us on STRATA.

5. Describe your experience working with the City Center Residential team? Working with the City Center team has been very enjoyable and easy.  Everyone on Tara’s team is so wonderful to work with.  Clearly this entire team is taught the art of client service!

6. Favorite part about your apartment? Location and size. The apartment is well built and appointed, and our location has provided a sense of quietness and seclusion, all at a very reasonable rent.

7. How have you made it home? We decorated for the apartment, including hanging a lot of our art up.

8.  Have you taken advantage of take-out or social distancing at any of the downtown restaurants? We have and have supported every one of the downtown restaurants.

9. How does Downtown Allentown compare to other places you have lived? We had moved to downtown Morristown during a resurgence of the town.  Pre-pandemic, Allentown felt like it was experiencing the same vibe.  I am sure this will return at some point when the pandemic is under control.

10. What part of the Lehigh Valley surprised you the most since you moved here? The park system and trails are massive and amazing.  

11. What do you want other people to know about living in Downtown Allentown? This town is being rebuilt to continue to attract young people and empty nesters to the convenience of downtown living.  City Center has done a great job is building first class commercial and living spaces.  The pandemic has curtailed this resurgence, as it has done throughout the world.  However, the pandemic will pass, and I am confident Downtown Allentown will continue to rebuild and be an enjoyable place to live and work for many.